Why Energy Is Your Secret To Success

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“I wasn’t always energized, but what makes me energized now is waking up each day knowing I’m making a difference in people’s life and doing what works for me to be energized.” ~ Domenic Certa

In my recent book, Manager Hacker, I include a chapter on “The Four Ideal Ways Managers Are Suppose to Develop You.” One of the ways managers are supposed to develop you is to energize you. But everyone knows that as much as a manager tries, the only one who can energize you is you thus the purpose of this article.

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If you’re in a situation and you seriously want to change it, you have to ignite change in yourself and it starts with doing subtle little things that over time will make a big difference for you.

Why is it that as soon as the end-of-day work bell goes off, people are somehow magically energized, even though they were in sloth-mode all day long? What the hell is up with that?!?!

Energizing yourself is something you can learn to do anytime, anywhere, if you don’t do it already. No one can order you to be energized even though he or she wish they could.

All Little Kids Are Full Of Energy

As a kid, we were all energized. We drove our parents crazy. We were so curious that we were a total nuisance to anyone and everyone who was within a few feet of us. We wanted to know everything about everything and we wanted to know RIGHT NOW.

As children, we would ask a thousand questions a minute and didn’t care if we got an answer. We would open drawers and purses and get into all the things our parents didn’t want us to. We were so curious that we would even stick our finger in people’s noses to see what was inside there. We didn’t stop to clean up our path of curious destruction…we were just being our natural, curious, monster-self.

Smile Like A Stoned Monkey

Then, we grew up and after being told a million and six times to stop getting into things, stop making a mess and stop asking so many questions…we stopped being curious and lost our mojo.

You can’t blame anyone now, though, because you’re adulting. You know you’re the only one who can decide at any given moment to be energized and curious, so why the hell not be energized and curious everywhere you go, all the time? If you have to, set a reminder on your phone several times a day to say things like: “Energize yourself”, “Be awesome right now!” or “Smile like a stoned monkey!” For god sake, do it!

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” ~ Tony Robbins

You already know you have total control over your energy so why not use it to your advantage? Your energy is a tool that you can use to communicate with. Since you’re always communicating anyway with your words, tone, and body language, why not be energized? It’s all about perception anyway, right?

Are You A Snooze Alarm Addict?

Controlling your energy doesn’t depend on your manager AT ALL. The biggest reason people aren’t energized is because they’ve put themselves into a situation that they aren’t excited about, and they don’t even take responsibility for getting themselves into the situation in the first place. Now that you are reading this, you can be excited and energized that you are doing something about your situation. That should give you the energy to leap out of bed, instead of being a snooze-you-lose alarm addict.

Like it or not (NOT believe it or not…you don’t have to believe the truth), the truth is you have the power and the ability to think, feel and behave any way you choose, period.

Stop waiting for “the right conditions” to catch an energy vibe.

You can’t energize yourself whenever you want if you’re waiting for the IDEAL to happen. It ain’t gonna happen! Don’t be dependent on things like the weather or the traffic, a raise, a new position or the amount of sleep you got last night – or the mood of your manager.

Finding ways to energize is easy. Start doing things you like to do. Listen to loud music in the evening and dance for example instead of laying on the couch snapping with your friends. Shut off the TV, shut off the bright lights and turn up the music!

Here are a few other ideas to help you energize yourself:

Each morning when your alarm goes off, leap out of bed. That’s right! Shut the alarm off, push back the covers and leap out of bed. Why the heck do you need an event to create an energizing life?

Listen to a motivational mp3 or something energizing on YouTube.

  • Grab a banana or an apple instead of that cupcake.

Lay off the booze before sleeping

  • Take action on something you’ve been avoiding before something bad happens.
  • Set some exciting goals and commit them to writing.
  • Stop acting shy. Interact more with people in your environment. Shake hands and smile. Be real.

Start doing an activity that gets you up and moving every day.

Just remember, at work…you are expected to show up energized.

When you are energized, you are super productive and when you are super productive, more of your manager’s goals are being met. They want you to support their goals first and foremost so being super energized shows them your commitment to their department’s goals. Also, by being super energized you will not just feel good, you will feel super amazing. Just smile and you will feel energized! Try it!!

Also, FYI, your manager will probably never tell you that you are the most vitally important resource they have!


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