Nice Boss Finishes Last

A Nice Boss Can Suck Too

The Buddy Boss aka the “Nice-Aholic or the nice boss,” has an incurable addiction to niceness. They are always ready to listen to the worries and problems of others and spare no effort when they’re asked for help. With over-exaggerated empathy and dripping sympathy, they can somehow sense what other people need and will sometimes offer help before they’re even asked to help. Their energetic phony aesthetic friendship is unpleasantly pathetic.

Buddy Bosses are always willing to point out the strong points of others and excuse their weaknesses. They are among the most sociable of all manager types. Social contacts and interactions are very important to them. Because the Buddy Boss wants to make friends with everyone and wants everyone to be happy, they get caught in lies because they tell one person one thing and another person something else.

More traits of a nice boss

If you haven’t noticed already, the Buddy Boss thrives on giving lots of “let me help you with that” attention to people even if it negatively affects productivity. Because they have such an extreme need to get along with everyone, they tend to be overly friendly, sickeningly pleasant and excessively agreeable.

Because they are unaware of their insecurity, they can be unnecessarily consoling, overly caring and helpful. With their constant pampering, they end up enabling people in ways that make them, and everyone on the team, weaker.

Buddy Bosses will mostly say what other people want to hear. They too often say yes to almost any request, perpetually over-commit and fall short on their commitments. They have a tendency to talk about how busy they are and how much they have to do “all for the good of the company.”

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