Evolvers Club is for Our Affiliates Only

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The Purpose...

The purpose for the Marketplace is simply to support our members to “Improve the world for all of us.” When your life gets better, the whole world gets better. The SAN Marketplace is a tool dedicated to supporting people around the world to create income by referring the awesome products and services of other members of the network.

The Vision...

The vision of the SAN Marketplace is to support our members to to have an outlet for their valuable offers, to create peace of mind, health, energy, loving relationships, the opportunity for financial freedom, and the opportunity to create a magical life beyond their imagination.

The Values...

Evolvers (Affiliates) as they are called strive to be self-reliant, self-directed, self-aware, self-confident, self-sustaining, self-controlled, self-determined, self-supporting, self-disciplined, self-employed, self-motivated, self-organized, self-published, self-realized, self-ruling and self-sufficient.

Evolvers diligently work-on-ourself to live simply and to support other, with high self-esteem, unlimited self-expression, unrestricted self-gratification, impeccable self-image, infinite self-importance, unconditional self-love, total self-respect, 100% self-restraint and endless self-worth.

The Strategy...

Evolvers are here for the members. Our work is about supporting good faith effort to generate revenue to sustain good faith effort.

When a member chooses to discover their passion, they have many choices of mentors to choose from. Our main course is called LifePlan 2.0 developed by our founder.

When deserving people are nominated by our members as a Person Behind the Passion, those people are SHARING their passion.

When members become an Admin or Moderator of a subgroup or they return to do a live Topic Discussion or Workshop, they are evolving their passion.

All members have equal opportunity to list their offerings in our Marketplace. All members have equal opportunity to refer their friends to the Marketplace and to purchase their own products and services from other members. The SAN is truly a win/win/win and equal opportunity, opportunity 🙂

Our SubGroups...

Our SubGroups play a vital role in the SAN (Self Achievement Network) because not everyone is interested in everything nor has expertise in every area of life.

Our genre specific Subgroups have been created to support members who want to evolve their passion to another level. We are here to support the members by giving everyone opportunities to gain exposure, to establish their credibility as an expert and to offer products, services and learning experiences to our members.

Each SubGroup consists of a team of Administrators and Moderators who guide the group, nominate worthy people for Person Behind the Passion, do topic discussions, do interviews, and many other activities to support the members in evolving their life and their passion.

Why the Member Marketplace Exists

When we are a good human and truly interested in improving the world for all of us then our job is not only to evolve our own passion, it is also to support others to evolve theirs. <3 This is why the Member Marketplace exists.

To be an affiliate of the SAN you will be required to have a PayPal account. To join our affiliate program, go to the Member Marketplace, click on any offer, scroll down, click on "Join our Affiliate Program." It's so simple 🙂

Affiliate Program Guidelines

The SAN (Self Achievement Network) shop is an MRM (Member Referral Marketplace) You get paid for referrals that turn to sales. Period. There is no heirarchary, no levels or perks or anything. You get paid exactly for what you give. The more you refer our trusted members offers, products, services that you know and can stand behind the more money you will potentially receive.

The name we have given to our affiliates is The Evolvers! 🙂 An Evolver is someone who has and keeps the best interest of everyone in mind. Of course, we all need money to sustain our life, however, money is not supposed to be about survival, money is about increasing options and choices in our life.

If you are a member of the Self Achievement Network and you want to promote your products in our Member Marketplace, please click here

With or without  a product or service, members can set up their own free affiliate account (we have chosen the extremely effective, secure and inexpensive E-Junkie.com platform) that will provide you with your own affiliate links and information about your referrals.

The Evolvers Club

Affiliates have their own Facebook Group (The Evolvers Club) established for support and updates on our marketplace and program. To join the public SAN group on FB click here. Self Achievement Network

How the SAN (Self Achievement Network) Affiliate Program Works

When a buyer clicks on YOUR established link, a tracking cookie is placed in THEIR browser and then they are redirected to the product, service or webinar you are referring them to.

If that person makes a purchase from your affiliate account within six months of clicking that link you will receive up to 40% (on most items) of their purchase. At this time, the SAN pays ONLY in USD and will not convert to your local currency. This may require you to convert your earnings and pay a minimal conversion fee.

This means that the sale doesn’t have to happen the first time they have a look, and that tracking will still work even if the buyer leaves your site and returns later! No matter which link you use, whether it is our general Marketplace link or a specific Product link, our tracking will work for any item in your account so you do not need to worry about referrals being missed if a buyer decides to purchase a different item at a later time. If you introduce someone to the Self Achievement Network Marketplace and they purchase something, you get the credit!

You will be registered to fully access all of the settings of your affiliate program and will not be restricted from working with any particular item, set of items or vendor. With the power of social media, the opportunity is truly exponential.


The SAN does not give or process any refunds. Sellers hold 100% responsibility for their terms regarding refunds. Buyers always contact sellers directly with any questions.


At this time the SAN will manually processes affiliate payments on or about the middle of each month. Our reports are not currently automated and you have access to sales records for orders that you have referred in your account.

Can You Get Deleted As An Affiliate? YES!

The main requirement for all affiliates is that they/we keep our head connected to our heart. The SAN has the ability to delete and ban any affiliate from our program if we feel it is necessary. If you are deleted as an affiliate, this will prevent you from reconnecting with our program and shut down any and all links that you have regardless of how you have performed in the past. If you are deleted as an affiliate, you will also receive an email letting you know that you have been removed from our program. We will only use this option to sever ties with affiliates who are acting in bad faith. What constitutes “Bad Faith?” Spamming. Over posting. Complaints. Inappropriate videos. Anything that our Administrators or moderators consider inappropriate. This decision can only be reversed by a unanimous vote by our review panel and may take up to 1 year for approval.

Open Your Own Shop

Since we are a referral network, we encourage you to open your own shop if you have multiple items to offer and build your own network of affiliates.