Unit 1 Journey of Self Discovery

LifePlan 2.0 Unit 1

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A Journey of Self Discovery



The objectives for Life Plan 2.0 are listed below. They have been developed to guide you through the core issues covered in this course.

  1. For you to experientially (not intellectually) realize that you are in charge of creating your life.
  2. To get back in touch with your true and authentic self and then begin to live again from that genuine version of yourself.
  3. To provide a simple process approach for determining what you want out of life.
  4. To practice how to plan backward from your goals and plan how to best achieve them.
  5. To assist you, couples and families to form a mutual purpose for personal and professional success.

What every human wants deep down more than anything else is a life beyond their imagination.

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Create A Life With Purpose, Values, Vision and a Strategy 3 Lessons

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A Life Beyond What You Thought Was Ever Possible A Life That’s fuller, freer and inspiring

“Everybody wants to do something they feel gives them purpose, something gratifying and useful. How are you supposed to experience this if you don’t have clearly defined goals to help you get there?”

~ Domenic Certa

What every human wants deep down more than anything else is a life beyond their imagination. What we now know is that if you want to have a genuine and amazing life journey, it’s much more possible when you are back in touch with the real you, the inner, powerful you. Then acting (taking appropriate action) with a plan that will leave you fulfilled and content. You only have so much time on the planet so it’s time to get busy planning and creating, right now.

This course is not designed to be easy nor a quick solution to your life's problems. You will get tremendous value by forcing yourself to complete this course and by putting yourself into an environment that can provide structure, motivation, and accountability. Without them, it will greatly diminish your opportunity to reach some of your goals.

What do most people freak out and worry about than anything else in life? Their future! When you have a powerful life purpose, a clear vision to see out into your future, passionate values that keep you on track and a solid, well thought out strategy, the less you are going to worry. The less you worry, the better able you will be at creating a bright, amazing future.


Your ability to follow through is one of the most important skills you can develop. Some people go through life and then 20 years down the road, they don’t feel satisfied. They’ve used their life to survive, not to live. Maybe they didn’t have a purpose, who knows, however, they’ve wasted their life and they will never get back that time. We all have 24 hours each day to create the life we want but are you creating the right things needed to create the amazing life that you dream of?

If you’re living each day upset that you are fulfilling someone else’s dream you are most likely caught up in the whirlwind of life. You are most likely so busy that you invest very little time on your dream especially if you have children.

This course will help you to create a well thought out plan that you can then integrate into your life even with the whirlwind going on. If you don’t have an integrated plan, then very little gets accomplished.

Bottom line, it’s up to you and we recommend that you reach inside yourself right now and decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to reach the end of this course. Challenge yourself. Dare yourself to create more of the life that you really, truly, secretly dream of.


Domenic Certa has been an internationally recognized leader in the field of organizational culture and talent transformation. His background includes extensive experience as a student first and then a senior facilitator for The Institute for Self-Actualization. He wasn’t allowed to teach any course until he had practiced the information in his life so that he was implementing what he was teaching. He has worked in 35 industries in 6 countries and has served over three thousand individual companies with their training needs. He also conducts Achievement, Relationship and Confidence webinars in the Self Achievement Netwrk on Facebook.

In addition, Domenic is an entrepreneur founding his own personal development institute (The Institute for Self Achievement) and former professional training company (The Zone-usa); former owner of two health clubs; and chief executive officer of Mobile Projection Audio Visual. He is a 1986 graduate of Purdue University and a former U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class.

In 1958, Domenic Certa was born in a trailer park alongside the railroad tracks in a small Indiana town about 30 miles south of Chicago. His late father, was a retired sheet metal worker, his mother a committed housewife. Domenic was an average student and did what most kids do in that environment. Not having a direction, in 1977 after high school graduation, Domenic was encouraged by his father to get away, so he enlisted in the United States Navy and left to see the world.

With the rigorousness of the military, Domenic followed the rules, learned self-discipline and, being determined to make something of himself, learned advanced electronics systems. Four years later he received an honorable discharge and went on to study at Purdue University in Electrical Engineering and Interpersonal Communications. Urgently wanting to use his skills, Domenic landed his first professional job in 1988 as a sales engineer designing multimedia systems for schools and universities.

With his passion for personal and professional development, Domenic’s post education was with The Institute for Self-Actualization where he worked closely with two wise mentors who pressed him towards excellence and self-achievement. After many years of personal inner work Domenic earned his facilitation certifications and was hired by ISA to serve as a Senior Facilitator, leading personal achievement seminars across the US for over 20 years. Domenic has since founded, managed, built and sold 4 startups.

Currently, Domenic is the Host of the Self Achievement Network on Facebook.

The Institute for Self Achievement exists now as Domenic’s small contribution toward improving the world for all of us.


This course is dedicated first to my family and to all who have supported me with my journey. From them, I have learned and continue to learn so much about families, love, life, challenges, and careers. It is also dedicated to children everywhere. If I could change only one thing in life, it would be to require children at all levels of schooling to practice life planning and to choose a purpose that inspires them to create a life beyond their imagination.

This course is dedicated to you. You’re the one that makes a difference and you’re the one who can and will get the job done IF you simply follow the System!

Dare yourself to dream and achieve. You can be true to your future when you know what you want and when you live with authenticity. Although your future is unknown, it can be very predictable. You have the most direct influence on how things turn out.

If you let it sink in that having a written plan is central, you will take your dreams and bring them to reality. The details may not be exact yet the results will come with persistence. Life is a process, you can design the process any way you want and if you don’t like what you’re getting, you can change it.

“Life is like a 3 legged stool with a ball balanced on the seat, if one leg is shorter, the ball drops. Use more of your time working on yourself and your life will be transformed.”

~ Ole Larsen