Self Achievement Network

Self Achievement Network helping others grow


​The Purpose...

Our purpose is simply to improve our world for all of us. We are an international community of dedicated people who support and encourage each other to discover, evolve and share our passions with the world.

​The Vision...

Our vision is to support members in creating peace of mind, health, energy, loving relationships, the opportunity for financial freedom, worthy goals and personal fulfillment to any degree they desire.


With our heads connected to our heart, we work-on-ourself to be self-reliant, self-directed, self-aware, self-confident, self-sustaining, self-controlled, self-determined, self-supporting, self-disciplined, self-employed, self-motivated, self-organized, self-published, self-realized, self-ruling and self-sufficient.

We diligently strive to live with massive self-esteem, unlimited freedom of self-expression, unrestricted self-gratification, impeccable self-image, infinite self-importance, unconditional self-love, total self-respect, 100% self-restraint and endless self-worth.

We find ways to get help, give help, share knowledge by being life long learners, self-starters, and self-actualized human beings.

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Our aim is to grow this open network collectively and exponentially in order to impact more lives and affect more real change in our world than we each can individually do on our own.

If you receive value as a member, we ask that you regularly share the group and its content on your profile, pages, and groups to support our growth.

​Person Behind The Passion Interviews

Worthy people are first nominated by our awesome members, then screened by our Administrators and Moderators. Once approved, a Live Interview date is agreed upon and an announcement is posted in the group and on the person timeline.

​How To Nominate

You can nominate someone as a Person Behind the Passion who you truly feel is worthy by making a post in the main thread of the Self Achievement Network group on Facebook. Be sure to tag them and add any @ links to their FB pages or website. Admins will ultimately decide who is granted an interview.

Subgroups & How You Benefit

SAN (Self Achievement Network) “Private Subgroups” have been created to allow for genre specific interest, learning and participation. You may request to join any SubGroup at any time and approval may be granted by the subgroup Admin or Moderator.

Once a member of a subgroup and after your "Person Behind the Passion" interview, with permission and cooperation of an admin or moderator, you can showcase your work and appropriately invite SAN members to join you in a course, your coaching, a workshop, an event, a gallery, your service or whatever offering you are passionate about, outside the group.

"Why It's Important" Topic Discussions

To give more opportunity to the members, as an admin or moderator of a subgroup, you can also schedule live topic discussions with members and other SME's (Subject Matter Experts) to gain exposure and to build your credibility.


Is available to members by members who are enrolled in any SAN (Self Achievement Network) mentorship program.


We will NEVER sell or share your information for any reason whatsoever. Please respect and honor the intention and people in this group.