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The most powerful network for sharing your unique story with the world. What are you passionate about? You matter, and the world deserves to hear your story.

We are a larger main Facebook (hub) Group with many smaller affiliated referral 'sub-hubs' and 'pages' linked to us.

When you get nominated for a 'Person Behind the Passion' interview you can tell your story in a LIVE Stream. You can also make a request of one of the Admins or Moderators to host you to tell your story and share about your passion.

If you have an offer (service, product, book, etc) you can participate in topic discussions or do mini-workshops to build your credibility with our members.

The Self Achievement Network is truly a win/win/win opportunity!

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Created to support you to do the right work with the right people in the right genre for yourself, your passion and for profit.

Working with a team of like-minded people has amazing payoffs. As an Admin or Moderator in one of our 'Sub-Hubs' the opportunities are wide open.

There are no limitations in our sub-hubs. As often as you like, you can post your awesome content, nominate and interview deserving people for 'Person Behind the Passion", Live Stream topic discussions, present mini-workshops, and even post your offers that are listed in our Marketplace.

Your combined participation will organically strengthen your credibility and grow the membership. The more growth, the more opportunity for everyone.

And, using the affiliated referral marketplace, you can earn money with our hard working affiliates and by referring other members offers.

For more information join our Evolvers Club on Facebook.

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The power, strength and scalability of our Marketplace is with the sheer numbers and intent of our affiliates.

We created an optional shop because there are so many people asking for a way to distribute their truly great work and offers.

The SAN Marketplace completes our vision and gives opportunity to every member to benefit from.

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About Domenic Certa

Domenic Certa profile image

I have been an international facilitator and seminar leader in the field of Self-Actualization, Organizational Culture, Performance, Management and Talent Development for some of the most presitgous companies and organizations on our planet.

In my late 20's I had been very successful at screwing up my life. I had massive credit card debt, was in the middle of a divorce and was living back with my parents house in a tiny bedroom surrounded with boxes. There was incredible tension with my family and friends and I rode a motorcycle back and forth to a factory job in the middle of winter, shivering as I dodged snow drifts...and yes, even after military service and college.

I attended a seminar and was told, "This seminar will transform your life!" It didn't. It profoundly reminded me that I was in charge of creating my life, the good, the bad and the ugly, and not the other way around. My life circumstances remained the same until I went back and started cleaning up my messes.

I realized that I was like so many, stuck in survival, wishing I was living each day expanding my potential and evolving a worthy passion. I became insanely obsessed with becoming a personal growth facilitator thinking that in order to be a facilitator, I needed to have an awesome live to use as an example.

With the support of my chosen life guide,  I set challenging goals and worked on myself (health, relationships, career, businesses, money, family, etc.) every day to create the real life experiences that I wanted to experience. Deep down, I knew that intellectual book knowledge was not the same as real life experience.

Now, it's my turn to pay it forward and be that Life Guide for others <3

Diligently, I went on to become not only a facilitator, I've been invited to work with countless companies and have traveled extensively around the world as a result. Just to test my abilities, I've founded several financially successful start-ups and even went bankrupt once to give myself the experience of losing it all just so I could live and talk about it! LOL!!

The Self Achievement Network was created in 2015 as a result of a very serious back injury that left me immobile, unable to stand or walk. Not quite 100%, and after two surgeries and intense rehab, I am happily back on my feet in 2019 and more determined than ever.

The Self Achievement Network has been built on the foundation that when you connect your head and your heart, your life will be amazing because your actions will be aligned with your mind, body and soul.

All of my courses and teachings are the result of my personal experience. I am not a certified Life Coach, a degreed trainer nor a Ph.D., however, growing up in a small Northwest Indiana town, my passion for travel and adventure have taken me to thousands of cities and towns and making the truest of friends all over our beautiful blue planet.

With the tools that I learned from others and now share, I have created a life (so far) beyond my wildest dreams. If there are words to describe what I do it would be a Life Guide.

The Self Achievement Network exists now as my legacy and small contribution toward improving the world for all of us.

<3 Domenic